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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ted Bundy


My previous post told Jeffrey Dahmer's story. He was a mild-mannered, and at least seemingly remorseful serial killer. Ted Bundy is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Ted Bundy enjoyed killing. Jeffrey Dahmer killed as a means to an end, but Bundy got his kicks from the kill. In my first post, I listed the Serial Killer Diagram. Serial killers are generally predisposed as a result of abuse from their family, or they become disassociated from other people and reality because of the submersion in a deep fantasy existence. As a result of this, the adolescent goes through a period of trauma before having violent fantasies, committing murders, and finally going through the cooling off period of stress. However, it doesn't stop at once. As a result of the stress during the cooling off period after a murder, they cyclically  return to fantasies, violent fantasies, murder, and cool off period.

     Unlike Dahmer, who was disassociated, Ted Bundy was on the predisposed side of the diagram due to childhood trauma. He was an illegitimate child, which led to a world of insecurities. He grew up thinking his mother was his sister, and was very ashamed of the truth. He was a cheat and a thief, but wanted to go to law school. He was a very attractive man, and usually had no trouble with women.

     His M.O. was wearing an artificial cast and asking young ladies to help him carry his books to his car. Once they had reached his car, he would club them with a weapon until they were unconscious and he could abduct them. He would take the women into the woods and rape and torture them to death. He would revisit the corpses to have sex with them until there was very little left of their bodies. 
 One night, Ted Bundy randomly walked into a sorority house  and beat several women to death with a bedpost. He kept getting caught and escaping from prison.

He was finally arrested for the last time and decided to defend himself in court. The judge thought he was intelligent and would have been a good lawyer, but he chose a different path. Bundy was sentenced to electrocution. He did several interviews, similar to Jeffrey Dahmer's, in an attempt to "help" figure out why people become serial killers. However, I felt that he was full of excuses, blaming his actions on pornography. In his last interview, he seemed to be in full manipulation mode. Before his execution, he admitted to killing several other women. He was diagnosed as a psychopath after stating that he was "the most cold hearted son-of-bitch in the world."

Written By: Midge Mantis

Bundy was executed for killing at least 34 women. It is believed that he killed many more. 

Bundy remains a suspect in other unsolved murders beyond the twenty known, identified victims whom he confessed to killing. Rule and Keppel believe Bundy may have started killing as far back as his early teens.[136][137] Ann Marie Burr, an eight-year-old girl from Tacoma, vanished from her home in 1961 when Bundy was 14 years old. Bundy always denied killing her.[29] He was for many years a suspect in the December 1973 murder of Kathy Devine in Washington state,[138] but DNA analysis led to William Cosden's arrest and conviction for that crime in 2002.[139][140] Bundy is a suspect in the murder of Melanie Suzanne "Suzy" Cooley, who disappeared April 15, 1975, after leaving Nederland High School in Nederland, Colorado. Her bludgeoned and strangled corpse was discovered by road maintenance workers on May 2, 1975, in nearby Coal Creek Canyon. Gas receipts place Bundy in nearby Golden the day of the Cooley abduction.[141] The Jefferson County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office has classified the Melanie Cooley murder as a cold case.[142] He is a suspect in the murder of Carol Valenzuela, who disappeared from Vancouver, Washington, on August 2, 1974. Her remains were discovered two months later south of Olympia, Washington, along with those of an unidentified female.[143] However, law enforcement authorities are still investigating another suspect for the Valenzuela murder.[144]


  1. A Ted Bundy post is never complete without his tactics in the court room, which I find absolutely comedic.

    When allowed to question his girlfriend, before the prosecution, he asked her to marry him; with a judge present it would be official and if she accepted, she would be allowed rights to not testify against him.

    Him + Charles Manson were courtroom comedians, fucking with the system in the face of being executed. True American Heroes

  2. He was the original American Psycho.
    It makes one wonder how many more like him are out there.

  3. That is scary, he was more like an animal than a human being.

  4. His courtroom antics are hilarious, but man, that dude is sick and twisted.. 34 lives forever gone :l

  5. Really interesting stuff. I'd like to read more.

  6. scary....

  7. Ahh makes me proud to live in WA

  8. Sick person. Someone needs to become a serial killer who's victim of choice is serial killers.

  9. His courtroom antics are hilarious, but man, that dude is sick and twisted.. 34 lives forever gone :l

  10. This is hella scary... Come come out my blog!

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