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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most baffling serial killers because he seems so gentle in his interviews. It's hard to imagine that he was capable of the murders of 17 young men, necrophilia, dismemberment, and cannibalism. 

Jeff's Childhood 
Jeffrey Dahmer was an awkward child that was constantly bullied. His parents had a volatile relationship which led to Jeffrey's plummet into a morose world of dark fantasies. He spent his time looking for roadkill as a child. He initially would cut open the diseased animals because he wanted to see "what they looked like on the inside." During his prison psychiatric evaluations, Jeff revealed that, as a child, he performed sexual acts on animal carcasses. This led to an intermingling of violence and sex in his mind. Because of his isolation as a youngster, he had trouble connecting with people. He began to discover his homosexual feelings, which were not generally accepted in his small community at the time.

Jeff's Urges
He struggled with his inability to find a companion that would stay with him. Because of this, he would drug people and have his way with them, whether it be sex, or listening to them as they slept. Jeff tried different things in an attempt to satisfy his urges, such as having sex with a stolen mannequin, and he tried to dig up a grave to have sex with the corpse. He frequented bath houses and was eventually banned because he was drugging and having sex with the customers.

Jeff's First Murder
Jeff's mother and little brother went out of town. His father was living in an apartment after divorcing his mother. Therefore, Jeff, 18, was the only person at his house for the weekend. He took a hitchhiker back to his house to have a few beers and watch TV. Whenever the young man was ready to go home, Jeff panicked and hit him with a piece of exercise equipment. He subsequently had sex with the body and disposed of it.

Jeff Tries to Straighten His Life Out
He did not commit any more murders for years because he went to the army. After being discharged because of his alcoholism, he tried to assume a normal, healthy life and moved in with his grandmother. He went to church with her on Sundays. However, after finding his mannequin and experiencing strange smells from his room, she asked him to move out. Jeff moved into an apartment and got a job as a chocolate mixer. This marked the last hint of normalcy coming to an end in Jeffrey Dahmer's life.

Jeff Loses Control
Jeff begins going to bars and asking men to let him take pictures of them for money. Once back at his apartment, he would have a cup with a sleeping potion already in the bottom. He would mix a drink into it and wait for the victim to lose consciousness, similar to what he did at the bath houses. He would then live his fantasy out with them. When they began to regain consciousness, he would beat or strangle them to death. He would take pictures of them in strange positions and keep their body parts as trophies. The rancid odor coming from his apartment was noticed by his neighbors. This odor was a result of three torsos decomposing in a barrel of acid. There were body parts in cooking pots, the freezer, and a head in the refrigerator. He even had an entire skeleton. He had plans of making a shrine out of this skulls and skeletons. He began to take new victims, before he had time to properly dispose of the bodies. He lost his job at the chocolate factory and became completely fixated on his murderous obsession.


  1. that's a sick man, never heard of him before. Interesting blog :)

  2. so scary how the human mind can be molded by seemingly random events into being .. well like jeffrey dahmer's for example.

    he sounds intelligent, so i guess with a better childhood he would have been just like any of us :/

  3. Holy crap that's really disturbing. Yet so interesting... Followed!

  4. thanks for the info. and i like the colors in the post.

  5. Wow, this is a intense story! Thanks for sharing, good write!

  6. That is just sick man. I would just freak out if one of my friendly neighbors appears to be a (serial) killer haha.

    Very interesting story though. I'll keep on following.

  7. very interesting interview. love to see more psychos

  8. dam what a B****rd! So many victims, truly tragic.

  9. So much if this is false. Half of it are rumours and matters of opinion.

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